Monday, November 20, 2006

Almost 2 weeks since my last update and things are going well. The kids have a new fascination with Little People toys, and I was able to find a nice used little people barn at the local kid's resale shop. I had some credit there so it only cost $4. The boys were fighting over it almost instantly so it's definitely a hit. They had a few other LP playsets so I'm going to fill the trunk with outgrown toys etc. and trade them in for things they will use, hopefully this weekend. I might even stash some of the "new" items to wrap up for the baby for Christmas.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

I didn't buy anything today. I stayed home with the kids and did some freecycling. I found a good home for a double pram, and got rid of two very large boxes of "stuff" from the garage. This should give craig a bit more room to set up his wood storage/organization unit. He needs some order in there so he can make the cabinet doors for the kitchen, and maybe a set of playstands for the boys.
tomorrow is playgroup and MIL is coming after lunch to watch the kids so I can go do "something." Andrew is in need of some winter pajamas so I'll likely go to the local children's consignment shop and see what they have.

Monday, November 06, 2006

I did a little more decluttering around the bar today. It was mostly done, but I had a box of old bathroom items that hadn't even been opened since a few months before we moved out of the condo. I found a couple bottles of lotion and some toothpaste and razors, but most everything else had expired. We haven't missed any of it, so out it goes. there is a box of mis. craig items that I will put with his stuff to go through in the baby's room. That room has the leftovers from his move into the furnace room. One day he will go through it, maybe I can encourage him to pick one box this weekend to work through. It's really not that much and shouldn't be too difficult for him, with my help. It will be nice though, to have the baby's room free of this stuff.

There are a few board games and puzzles left in the bar, and a set of speakers that will be moved to the garage soon. I got one more bag of items to donate and a large box of reyclables. That is the end of the majority of the collected clutter in this house. I'm getting closer to organizational nirvana, I can taste it!
Here is the yahoo group for the compact. There are a lot of useful links there, helpful people and resources. I'll get craig to help me put this in the links section to the right. I looked, but couldn't figure it out. I sent my mom and siblings the link to my blog, my mom is on board so maybe we can keep each other motived and give ideas etc. I'm really excited to get organized and on track.
So far I've got the kids' clothing and toys organized and simplified. each child has about 6 outfits for winter. I keep their clothes on a shelving unit in the back of the laundry room. This central sotrage for their stuff is so easy for us. It makes it easy to keep their stuff accessible and put away once laundered. They each have 1 shelf for clothing, and 1 for cloth diapering items. They have enough diapers to last 2 days each, so I wash about every 1.5 days and there are still plenty of clean diapers left to use until the wash is done. I got carried away with diapering items at one point and it became too difficult to maintain due to the sheer volume. They each have 1 dozen prefolds, 3 covers, and 7-8 pocket diapers for outings and overnight. I am happy with this stash and it works well for us.
Our insurance is providing us with new carpet in our basement/playroom. This is giving us the opportunity to remove a bar in one part of the basement that currently has no carpet underneath it. This bar has been begging to be removed since before we bought this house in 2005. The bar is a magnet for clutter and junk. I cleaned up the items inside it on saturday and it's ready to leave forever, I am so excited. The new space it will give us is going to be a tv room, and the larger half of the basement will be kid central. The flood that caused the damage was definitely a catalyst to this decluttering in the basement. The old water heater broke and leaked all over, soaking part of the basement and everything that we were hiding in hte furnace room. That room was full of items that we were storing, but after going through it, there was very little left. The furnace room is now Craig's computer office, it's small, but his desk fits in there and he has a clean space, free of clutter.
Little man wants to build things, I'll update again later.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

So, I read about the compact at MDC and I'm ready to jump in. I did actually, on Nov. 1st and have been successful, aside from a small incident at the tommy hilfiger outlet today. I had a 30% off coupon for the lowest ticketed price and I caved. I desperately needed long sleeve shirts for winter that I could nurse in and I was unsuccessful in thrift stores and unable to find time to sew. I bought 2 suitable shirts and 1 skirt, and no more! I promise. I cannot cave again. We must be wiser with our purchases from now on. Our credit line has exploded to over $3000 since our son became sick. We fell into a lifestyle of convenience and it was clearly more than we can afford. We also spent a lot of money getting our 1947 kitchen upgraded with a proper dishwasher. My motivation for compacting is to simplify my home, and pay off the credit line. I also want to have more time to play with my children in an organized home stocked with only what we need. I get stressed out when there is junk everywhere, I feel overwhelmed and it's hard to get things done with so much underfoot. Caring for the children keeps me busy enough, I don't care for spending what could be free time puttng away a zillion things that we honestly don't need or use all day long. It gets tiring.
Ever since we moved to this house last summer I've been slowly decluttering and donating a large percentage of our "stuff" I have about 75% of the house the way I want it now and things are getting easier. I'm getting more time in the evenings to relax and I'm hopeful to be able to sew again one of these evenings. Craig and I spent most of Saturday rearranging the laundry room, getting it set up with my sewing table in there, and relocating shelving, a small fridge, and a chest freezer.
Before we moved to this house, we were in a small condo and I decluttered quite a lot there, but there was still much left to do. It's easy to simplify and minimize my own things and the children's things, but Craig is still learning. And that's okay. I love him no matter what.
I'm considering switching to cloth wipes instead of TP in the washroom,at least for myself since I use way more as a female than craig does. I don't expect him, or guests to do what the crazy lady is doing, but wouldn't it be cool... ;) so, we will have TP for him and guests. The children are in cloth diapers so I can just wash the wipes with those for now.
Oh, craig got us a move to watch called the high cost of low prices. It was an eye opener, a "shockumentary" as craig calls them, and we are no longer shopping at wal-mart. I knew they were bad, but that sealed the deal for me.
I'm off to bed now, but I'll update my compacting journey often.